Test Max Nutrition

TestMax Nutrition is an innovative diet and lifestyle plan for older men who are suffering from a natural hormonal decline. This new system is designed by Clark Bartram, a celebrity trainer and fitness professional who has spent years researching the effects of food on men’s hormones.
test max nutrition system
test max nutrition

Doctors and experts agree that, after the age of 40, most men will experience a steady decline in the essential T-hormone. This can lead to weight gain, muscle loss, tiredness, and a lack of stamina. To counteract these effects of aging, Bartram has developed the comprehensive TestMax Nutrition plan, which guides men through three phases of a hormone-balancing diet.

Men are first detoxified, removing unhealthy chemicals that may increase estrogen levels. Then, their hormone levels are optimized, increasing their natural T-hormone production. Finally, the third phase prepares men for a lifetime of improved hormonal health. Right now, the entire TestMax Nutrition is available at a steeply discounted price. For new users, there are also a number of bonus items included in the TestMax Nutrition package that helps men achieve ultimate success and get the results they desire.

Clark Bartram designed Test Max Nutrition

Fitness pro Clark Bartram is probably best known as YouTube’s #1 Most Subscribed Nutrition Expert for Men over 40. His popularity is due to the compelling and credible videos he has made about eating and fitness over 40, and over 4 million subscribers trust his advice.
test max nutrition

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Bartram is not just a celebrity, however. At age 53, Bartram is a living example of how the proper diet can keep men looking and feeling youthful. Now, he’s taken his accumulated wisdom and built a specific, detailed diet plan that anyone can follow. Bartram’s TestMax Nutrition DVDs guide men each step of the way along their path to better hormone health and great results.

The Big Idea of TestMax Nutrition

TestMax Nutrition is an inclusive dietary program and fitness plan, not just a bunch of advice or tips. This program doesn’t advise calorie restriction or deprivation, and it doesn’t promise a quick fix.

Instead, the TestMax Nutrition plan carefully guides men through a three-month program to optimize their hormone levels. Better yet, with this plan, there’s no need to ever buy expensive energy bars or pre-made meals. By choosing the right foods in the right amounts, men can achieve what Bartram calls the perfect “Male Hormone Ratio.” TestMax Nutrition is a sustainable program over the long-term because men learn the skills and recipes that are needed to maintain results.

To put it another way, some plans may boost male hormones for a day, but TestMax Nutrition teaches men to improve their hormone levels for life.

Why Men Over 40 Need TestMax Nutrition

Doctors and researchers agree that men over 40 suffer a steady decline in the essential T-hormone. This deficiency leads to a variety of problems, including fatigue, weight gain, and a loss of stamina. Until recently, most experts believed this was an inevitable part of the aging process.

A report from Harvard Medical School confirms that men reach their hormonal peak at 17 and that the hormonal decline speeds up with age. Some men have tried improving their hormone levels with dangerous chemicals or substances, but they can lead to side effects and limited results.

TestMax Nutrition approaches the problem from the other direction, empowering the body to make its own, natural hormones at ideal levels. This program uses the science of nutrition to help men’s bodies improve themselves.

What To Expect From TestMax Nutrition

test max nutrition resultsThe TestMax Nutrition program is easy to follow and guides men along every step of their journey to better health.

It all starts with a meal plan so detailed that even the most inexperienced chef can keep up.

A helpful shopping list and the instructional videos make preparing meals a breeze. In fact, men can prep an entire week’s worth hormone-enhancing meals in under an hour just by following the TestMax Nutrition instructions.

Besides the extensive three-phase plan, men also receive member’s only access to the complete series of TestMax Nutrition instructional cooking and hormone guidance videos at no additional cost.

A convenient TestMax Nutrition app allows men to track their eating while on the go, getting the best hormone optimization at any time.

The Structure of Test Max Nutrition

There are three 30-day phases in the TestMax Nutrition program.

First, men complete the Hormonal Detox, a food plan to eliminate built-up chemicals and provide a foundation for improving hormone levels. This month includes food that blocks the effects of estrogen, which allows the crucial t-hormone to reach healthy levels.
testmax nutrition by clark bartram
The second phase is The Male Hormone Optimization and Recharge Phase, and this is when the results really start to show. Since the estrogen has been minimized in the preceding month, the body is able to produce and utilize the male hormones more effectively. These hormones should reach ideal levels during this month, and men can experience fat loss and an increase in lean muscle mass.

The final phase, TestMax Lifestyle, eases men into a convenient and optimized routine that can last a lifetime. The TestMax Nutrition meal plan works well in the long term too, as men can always apply the lessons that they’ve learned.

The TestMax Nutrition program is more than just a series of DVDs and a revolutionary diet plan. It’s also a toolbox that allows men to continue achieving peak hormonal health and physical fitness. Men who purchase TestMax Nutrition also receive a Master Test-Boosting Food Catalog, so they can find the right food choices for every occasion, and a Kick-Start Recipe Guide, full of a variety of delicious meals and snacks. And, for convenient measuring, TestMax Nutrition provides a Hand Portion Control Guide.

Right now, TestMax Nutrition is offering a month of free access to the full-length TestMax recipe guide, as well as a Bonus DVD Workout. And, for a limited time, the price of TestMax Nutrition has been reduced by a whopping 50%, so more men will be able to afford this life-transforming fitness plan. TestMax Nutrition offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, but Clark Bartram is confident that users will love the results.

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test max nutrition